I am prepared to be an effective Councilor from day one. No other candidate knows the issues as well and can work with you to find solutions. I understand that everything that government does is possible because of your tax dollars, and I am committed to making sure those dollars are spent wisely and with full transparency.

Public Safety

A community has to feel safe before it can feel anything else. Crime is an issue in every district, but petty crimes such as vehicle break-ins are a big problem in District 7.

Public safety has always been a priority for me. My father is a retired Tulsa Police officer and my mother worked to help mitigate and prevent natural disasters. I believe the most important thing for all Tulsans is to feel safe and I will make that my top priority. That means a commitment to necessary funding for police, fire and 911 operators.

Commercial Development

My wife and I have lived in several different parts of Tulsa raising their kids, now 16 and 19 years old. Wherever we lived, I got involved and helped. In the six years we have lived in this district they have seen many changes including long-time retailers closing their doors. I attend Tulsa Development Authority meetings and am committed to working with prospects to infill those existing centers.

District 7 generates more sales tax than any other district in Tulsa — helping support the entire city — and yet many of our traditional retail areas are struggling to keep stores open. I will work to support existing businesses, and to make it easier for new businesses to come in and keep our retail areas productive. I have been a tireless proponent of local stores and restaurants in the district.


District 7 is home to Tulsa’s most dangerous intersection and this has to change. Tulsans are tired of orange barrels but more road work is inevitable. Major arterial streets in District 7 are still two lane country roads despite rapid growth in the area. This is unacceptable. Some street work is completed and several projects are funded and will begin soon. I will continue to push for more funding for better roads and timely solutions to the gridlock and dangerous intersections.

Road improvements and street widening are top priorities in District 7. After years of being ignored, we are finally starting to get our share. I will fight to make sure District 7 continues to get the necessary funds in future capital packages to ensure the District’s road and infrastructure needs are met. And when projects are under way, I will work to minimize impact on businesses and neighborhoods, and will always keep an open dialogue between city officials and District 7 residents

District 7 has more apartments than any other district and has allowed 3,000 new units along Mingo roads in the last generation without funding for the related needed infrastructure. While apartments are perfectly acceptable housing, I believe we need to slow down before we approve any more these areas that are already inundated with large complexes. If the City roads are inadequate for the additional traffic, then we should not overbuild more.


Tulsa voters overwhelmingly supported making the City Council non-partisan years ago with good reason — things like keeping Tulsans safe and making sure we have good roads and infrastructure aren’t partisan issues. Some of the candidates for public office are party activists, and focused more on political party agendas instead of what matters to District 7 residents. With decades of experience working effectively with leaders of both parties, I have demonstrated that I am focused on getting things done, not party politics. District 7 needs a City Councilor who can be an effective advocate in City Hall and work with all Tulsans for the good of our district and our city as a whole.